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Imam in strip mall mosque stresses social services

Imam Khalis Rashad

Standing behind the pulpit, addressing his modest 25-member congregation, Imam Khalis Rashaad¬†preaches about time management, nutrition and economic empowerment at his new mosque in Houston’s Third Ward – a largely uncharted territory for Islamic centers. The rhetoric there is different…

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This Week's Jumu'ah at IIC

Topic:Iman (Faith) in 3D

Khatib: Imam Khalis Rashaad

An Excerpt:

¬† ¬†Consider how Allah has given us two eyes instead of just one. Allah in his infinite wisdom gave us two eyes, thus giving us stereoscopic vision. Our brains match these slightly different images to give us perspective and depth….

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Friday Iftar and Taraweeh Prayer

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Come out to Ibrahim Islamic Center for Iftar and Taraweeh every friday during Ramadan.

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